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Admin Medium/Senior UNIX-AIX platforms

Profile Description

Service Overview

"We are looking for people able to operate and manage different UINX/AIX enviroments + virtual platforms (VMWare) including managing end to end relationship with major suppliers.

We will provides end-to-end provisioning, operation and decommissioning of physical and virtual servers, server farms, virtualization hosts and clusters, under x86 & non-x86 architecture (SPARC, PowerPC...) with Operating System (AIX, Solaris, HP, etc...) along the whole server lifecycle, according to client standards and policies and by tracking all modifications in ServiceNow"


* English Mandatory B2 - C1


* Real experience (>4 years) as administrator in Solaris/AIX servers enviroment/platforms

* Real experience (>1 year) as administrator in other UNIX Platforms

* Real experience (>1 year) as administrator in virtual Platforms

* Scripting - Ansible - Terraform - Provisioning, …

* Wide experience in Backup/Disaster Recovery & troubbleshouting activities.

* Security policy deployment

* HA platform experience

AH Unix Physical Servers

   IBM Blade, P5 520, 82xx, Power 7,8,9

   ORACLE SUN SunServer, SunFire, SunBlade, SuperCluster, T4, T5 AH Unix Virtual Servers

   LDOM Sun OS 5.10/11

   LPAR  AIX  5.x / 6.x / 7.x


   Zone Sun OS 5.10/11